A YOUNG Bournemouth chef is set to open his first bar and restaurant in Boscombe

A local chef has announced plans to open his first restaurant, named Street Corner, at the young age of 20. 

Set to replace vegetarian Indian restaurant, Baboo Ji on Christchurch Rd,  the new restaurateur, Samuel Corner, has plans to open mid-March. 

He said: "We want to transform the building into a nice bar/restaurant with a nice range of food and cocktails. 

"All the food will be locally sourced because we want to support the area. It's also going to competitively priced because we want to treat people to to a good meal out that doesn't break the bank."

Initially coming up with the idea in September, Sam has been working to perfect his menu, continually rewriting it along with reaching out to local suppliers. 

Bournemouth Echo: Inside Baboo JiInside Baboo Ji (Image: NQ Staff)

Completely renovating the inside, he hopes to pay tribute to the local area, only a stones throw away from the beach, while providing a reasonably priced night out. 

He said: "I'm excited, we have a really good wine menu due to a contact in the Bournemouth area and the menu is looking really good. 

"We haven't gone for an exact theme but we're hoping to create a relaxed vibe where people can come for casual food and drinks. It won't be formal, you can come as you want and ever feel pressured to leave." 

A big job for young hands, it is not lost on Sam how momentous opening his own restaurant is. 

Learning in the industry, Sam has gone from pot-wash to a professional chef catering large events in eight years.

He said: "It's a big leap but also an honour to be opening my own place. It's surreal, I've lived in Bournemouth my whole life and it's nice to give back and put myself into Bournemouth. 

"We're still refurbishing and some things might take longer than expected but I wanted to make sure everything is right and not rush it.

Sam is excited to open doors to the area and hopes to become a leading part of the community.