I READ with interest that the BCP Council can’t afford the £90k to deep clean Bournemouth town centre.

Obviously they haven’t had a good look around the town and it’s decline in recent years .

They certainly find money for cycle lanes hardly anyone uses or other useless schemes that don’t benefit the masses .

I looked at it deeper to see where mine and your council tax is being spent .

There are more than 14 people on more than £100k a year .

The chief executive is on £170k plus a "28k pension contribution per year . Some people don’t even earn "28k a year .

This is more than the prime minister is earning £164k Surely in a hierarchy of running a business or country the top man earns the most and so forth.

You can see where are taxes are going , on gold plated pension schemes and inflated pay structures .

Going back to my point , £90k to clean Bournemouth town centre is worth doing whatever Vikki Slade may say otherwise. The town needs a spruce up and business taxes slashed to build growth in a once thriving town.

Gavin Reeves

Wessex Oval