A Bournemouth-based musician who celebrates the town in his works has released a new album.

Julian Barry, 41, described himself as Bournemouth born and bred. Raised in West Howe and still a local resident, his music is known for its connotations to the town. 

His new track, Jack the Lad, which saw 8,000 streams in the first 24 hours of release, is also born of the same nature but relates to his experience growing up. 

He said: "I grew up in a council estate in West Howe in a single parent family. This song is a reflection of the type characters I grew up with, the lads who dropped out of school, got involved with drinking and bad behaviour. 

"It's my vision of not seeing one of those characters for 20 years and then bumping into them and realising they've not changed one bit. It's me putting myself out there and saying, look I know you're Jack the lad but you don't have to be the person you were born to be."

Julian was a member of Dorset-band Tranquillity in his youth. Signed by a manager and playing at major music events, life seemed on the up.

However, after signing a contract to have their first EP in every HMV in the country, it all fell apart when the company went bust. 

He said: "It was deflating when HMV closed its doors because we lost out on a big deal. We then lost our manager and I just needed a break. 

"In 2008 I went solo and released my first album and then took a break but realised people kept asking me about my music and that's what re-ignited my spark."

Known for his Bournemouth inspired music, Julian has written music about his love for AFC Bournemouth, which he is soon to rewrite, and also the late 'Gordon the Tramp'

His song, which played at Gordon's funeral, became a well-known song about a local legend. 

Staring Aimlessly at the Stars is Julian's third album and contains eleven tracks including Jack the Lad.

It can be found on Spotify and Amazon Music.