ON a visit to the town centre yesterday, I was sitting on a bench and a squirrel ran past on the pavement but behind was two very large rats chasing it.

Then I visited the aviary and sat at a table at the cafe there, and 3 rats were running around the trees and pavement.

What has happened to our town?

Surely, that is a major worry and should be dealt with.

Doorways are filthy and full of rubbish.

Our industry is tourism and we have various businesses trying to make a living, but the way our town has gone downhill, we will not attract visitors at all.

We have restaurants, some shops, taxis and other traders relying on the tourism trade, but without an input of investment and looking after our environment, visitors will go elsewhere for their holidays and breaks.

The council really need to put their hand in their pocket and bring the town back up to a respectable area.

We have been told the council coffers are in the red so where does all the money go?

Please put your heads together and find a way of saving our town from any further neglect.

Never in my lifetime living in Bournemouth have I ever seen it like this.

Stephanie Vincent

Tytherley Green,