A BOXING club is “desperately searching” for a new home before it is kicked out of its site in Christchurch.

CNC Christchurch ABC currently occupies a unit off Groveley Road but will have to go elsewhere when the landlord takes back the building in June.

The England Boxing-affiliated amateur club was formed last summer following a merger between CNC Boxing Gym and Christchurch ABC.

The clubs joined forces after CNC Boxing Gym was evicted from its former Southbourne premises due to development plans in the area.

Joe Hayes, who set up CNC Boxing Gym, said: “I’m really good mates with the owner of Christchurch ABC, Jon Woods.

“He said, 'if you’re struggling, we can just link up and become one big gym.'

"It was a no-brainer.

Bournemouth Echo: Joe Hayes (right)Joe Hayes (right) (Image: Joe Hayes)

The two clubs became known as ‘CNC Christchurch ABC’, and started to train together at the unit off Groveley Road in Christchurch.

Now, they have more than 35 competing boxers, plus dozens of people across all ages aspiring to get ‘carded’.

Joe said: “We’ve trebled in size since then. We’re probably one of the biggest gyms in Dorset for amateur boxes I’d say.”

However, CNC Christchurch ABC has now been told it needs to find a new home before the landlord takes the unit back.

Joe said: “We've settled there - it’s the perfect set-up, but unfortunately, it’s not our place, and they want it back.

“The current landlord wants to take 60 per cent of the property back, so what’s left won’t be big enough for us.

Bournemouth Echo: CNC Christchurch ABC CNC Christchurch ABC (Image: Joe Hayes)

“It’s been stressful. It’s hard work to set up as an amateur club as it is, which is good because it means not anyone can do it, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops so to speak.

“It was hard work for us when we changed premises because we had to move all the rings over, all the gear over, link up and become one gym, so you have to go through England Boxing and become affiliated.”

Discussing the type of premises CNC Christchurch ABC needs, Joe said: “We need a big unit with toilet facilities, and changing facilities and it has to be pretty big. It would have to be Christchurch or Southbourne.

“We’ve been hunting but it's hard work. If the boxers haven’t got somewhere to train, I don’t know what we’ll do.

“I haven’t crossed that bridge yet, we’re just at the stage where we’re desperately hunting for somewhere.”