A FAKE planning permission message has created a false alarm for a new McDonald's in Wimborne.

Said to have been applied for by 'Mr Ron Fryberger', a fake planning permission has appeared on West Borough, Wimborne.

The document said there were plans to put in a new kitchen to serve 200 meals per hour. 

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The planning permission states proposed plans to remove interior walls and ornamental skirtings to accommodate the new McDonald's.

Despite some tell-tale signs that the permission was not real, the planning permission had some locals fuming and almost sparked a protest.

In a comment left on Facebook, someone suggested they were going to stage a demonstration outside the building.

In Facebook group Wimborne Today, James Brown said: "I've either completely misread the sign or someone is playing a sick joke. If this is true then a beautiful part of Britain will be knee-deep in fast food rubbish. 

"Forget Just Stop Oil, we need just stop McDonalds."

Wimborne's Prezzo has been shut since 2023 after the chain Italian restaurant closed more than 40 branches.

While there is no indication of genuine plans to put another business in the elegant Georgian building, local resident Chris Dodd claimed it created real panic for a moment.

He said: "It has caused mayhem in the town as people are very protective over the independent businesses element of our town.

"Most people have realised that it’s a joke because the perpetrator has signed it as Joe King."

It is unknown who made the notice but Dorset Council has denied any involvement. 

A spokesperson for the council said: "This notice is obviously a forgery because it uses 'funny' fake names and the reference number is a mixture of made up letters and numbers that relate to another planning application.

"A planning notice is a legal requirement for the council to give public notice of certain types of planning application and other planning matters.

"All Dorset Council planning applications can be searched and commented upon using the reference number or address on our website."