I WOULD like to express my firm opposition to the proposed introduction of a 20 mph speed limit in the Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch conurbation. I believe that such a low speed limit is not only unjustified but also potentially detrimental to our towns.

The current speed limits are already unreasonably low, and the intention to further restrict vehicular movement is unacceptable. It would be more prudent to focus on reevaluating existing limits rather than introducing new ones, which would only lead to increased air pollution and stress.

Additionally, such a drastic reduction in speed will have a negative impact not only to commuters who drive to work, but also to local businesses. Slower-moving vehicles and resulting traffic jams will result in financial losses for companies dependent on smooth traffic flow.

The current situation with our town's congestion is already intolerable, and implementing a 20 mph limit will only exacerbate the problem. Instead, we should concentrate on reasonable and flexible speed limits that take into account actual traffic conditions.

It is astonishing that anyone could support such absurd ideas, as advocated by Cllr Millie Earl. Decisions of this nature should encourage residents to actively participate in local elections and choose representatives who truly understand the needs of our conurbation.

Furthermore, as a driver, I perceive these measures as discriminatory. The proposed speed limit fails to consider the diverse needs and circumstances of individuals relying on private transportation.

Moreover, I find it alarming that the Liberal Democrats, proponents of this proposal, seem to be ideologically radicalized. It is my belief that their ideas lack practicality and should not be taken seriously. The views presented by Cllr Millie Earl and the Liberal Democrats fail to consider the broader impact on the community, particularly those who rely on private transportation.

These impractical measures should encourage residents to critically evaluate the ideologies of political representatives, ensuring that decisions are made with a comprehensive understanding of the needs and realities of our towns.

Dominic T

Christchurch Road,