PLEASE could you share my letter with your readers to avoid them receiving a Fixed Penalty Charge Notice from Brittania Parking.

On the evening of 6th December I parked my car opposite the BIC in, what I thought was, a BCP car park. I went to the BCP pay machine located inside this piece of land, close to the exit, and paid the relevant parking fee using the Location ID 59178 which was displayed on the pay machine. The lighting here is very, very poor and I, and the queue of people behind me, struggled to read the information on this machine but we all paid our fee. I was also unable to see any other notices due to the poor lighting.

Imagine my horror to receive a Fixed Penalty Charge Notice from Britannia Parking for this parking session. I'm guessing everyone else who did what I did have also received a Penalty Charge Notice.

I contacted BCP parking who informed me that this machine, Location ID 59178, relates to the 'on road' parking outside the exit of the area I was parked in. I have now emailed BCP parking asking if it is possible to have better lighting and signage in this area, but this won't help me or anyone else who has been caught out by this. Brittania Parking should also play a part in improving lighting, as they appear to own this piece of land, instead of making easy money.

Mrs Sandra Jeffery

Border Road,