THERE is no “short-term solution” to fix a roundabout which suffers frequent extensive flooding, a council has warned. 

The Bakers Arms Roundabout along the A35 at Lytchett Minster was inundated following torrential rain earlier this month. 

During the most recent storm, Henk, multiple cars were damaged in deep water and had to be abandoned at the flooded roundabout. 

There was heavy congestion on all four approaches as drivers tried to creep through the water.

However, Dorset Council has said that fixing the frequent floods is not easy, particularly because the flood water 'comes from private land'. 

Bournemouth Echo: Flooding on Bakers Arms RoundaboutFlooding on Bakers Arms Roundabout (Image: Daily Echo)

Bournemouth Echo: Lorry wading through floodwater on the roundaboutLorry wading through floodwater on the roundabout (Image: Daily Echo)

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: “The highway drainage systems at The Bakers Arms roundabout - including gullies, soakaways, and ditches - have been fully cleared by our teams recently.  

“This means that recent flooding issues are not being caused by poor drainage, but by surface water run-off from privately-owned land to the north of the site. 

“This has been exacerbated by heavy rain falling on already saturated ground, as well as issues with current water levels in [Poole] harbour.  

“This affects the capacity of the land to the south of the site to take this surface water, which can lead to the water instead sitting on the highway.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Car being rescuedCar being rescued (Image: Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Responding to whether the problem can be fixed any time soon, he said: “Unfortunately, there are no short-term solutions to this complex issue. 

“There have been discussions about the need for surface water management or attenuation of water from land to the north, and we plan to meet with appropriate local landowners soon to explore options for how we can help prevent this flooding in the future.” 

Michael Tomlinson, MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole, said he has had multiple residents contact him this year as the flooding has been "particularly bad".

He told the Echo: "It is a challenging problem, partly due to the low-lying nature of the roundabout – very close to high tide level. 

"I will be working with Dorset Council and the Highways Agency to see what improvements that can be made.

"Hundreds of local residents have already let me know their views through my website survey – and I am encouraging all residents to respond.

Bournemouth Echo: Michael Tomlinson, MP for Mid Dorset and North PooleMichael Tomlinson, MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole

"The A35 is a key route through Dorset and when the roundabout floods, it doesn’t just cause congestion, but it is also dangerous. 

"I know there can be no quick fix – and any solution will inevitably be expensive and cause delays whilst being done.

"But it needs to be looked at, and with the support of the local community, my campaign will help to stop the Bakers Arms from flooding."

Ward councillor Andrew Starr said he is surprised flooding on the roundabout doesn’t extend more into Lytchett Minster, given it isn’t that high above sea level. 

He added: “It’s very low just on the other side of the road and there is the marshes from Poole Harbour. The roundabout is not that much higher above sea level. 

“It’s been a long-standing thing there.”