A Boscombe family-run gallery has found a new, innovative way to create bespoke artwork.

Spencer Lloyd Roberts and his two daughters, Amy and Hayley, have opened an AI-generated art gallery in the Sovereign Centre in Boscombe.

AI ARTWORKS LTD offers personalised digital art by asking a series of questions about the image the customer would like to produce.

Spencer said: “We can reproduce any image, any thought, any vision, any memory, in fine detail, just as they want it.”

AI ARTWORKS LTD can create unique digital prints by stacking a series of prompts into an AI generator and then adjusting them accordingly.

Spencer emphasised the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence; he can re-create people’s personal memories and turn them into digital artwork.

The software can also adjust the art style depending on the type of image the customer is looking for.

Spencer said: “I started playing with AI and realised that I had something in my hands that could really help people.

“The past generation didn’t walk around with a video camera in their pocket, so often memories got lost.

“That birthday party, the birth of their first child, their proudest moment, was easily missed.”

“Anyone can come into our shop, tell us their story, we can recreate it, and they can take it home in a frame, wrapped in brown paper under their arm to go on the wall.”

The family only recently set up their company after moving from Thailand, where Spencer worked as a copy editor for a University in Thailand.

Spencer is a self-taught AI artist and has learnt 12 different art styles and says he is 'only getting better.’ Since opening two weeks ago, they have created digital artwork for a customer who wanted a piece of artwork that reminded her of her favourite spot, where she would sit with her Dad.

She asked for an image of an old slipway leading down to the beach, and AI ARTWORKS LTD were able to replicate that memory for her.

Spencer said: “We want to be the best value, bespoke art provider in the country. “