A NEW café serving coffee made from a women’s only coffee farm in Colombia is the Daily Echo’s Trader of the Week.

James Roper, 31, and Warren Edwards, 32, own The Hutch - a dog-friendly sister café to their neighbouring hairdressing salon Warren and the Hare in Westbourne.

The café offers freshly baked goods paired with beverages such as roasted Columbian coffee.

Bournemouth Echo:

James said: “We're offering something a little bit different.

“The coffee we chose is a single origin blend from Colombia which is a women's only farm called Pearhaus.

“We’re using Pearhaus because it's supporting a really good cause and there’s a lot of charity work going into it.

Warren added: “Clients from the salon are also able to order stuff from next door, and we'll bring it around to them, which is quite a unique thing that we've got going here.

“But we still offer the free complimentary drinks that we do inside the salon.

“Everyone seems to love the coffee.

“Each day is just getting busier and busier, which is amazing.

"When we created The Hutch, we wanted to bottle up the salon atmosphere and vibe and put it next door so another majority of people can experience it."

Bournemouth Echo:

The duo at the café have also announced plans to expand the business in the future to include more community-friendly amenities.

Warren said: “It won't just be a coffee shop. We'd like to hire it out for creative sort of things, like art classes.

“We want to show that home-from-home feeling when you walk in.

“It's like being in our living room, we have the fireplace and it's cosy because the style is like the old world, but with a French twist."

The café also boasts a sustainable approach to hospitality.

James said: “We've got our cups and saucers which are actually French antiques from the 1980s.

“It’s sustainable because we're not buying new, we reuse materials.

“We did that with this place, Our furniture is all from Facebook Marketplace."

The Hutch can be found in Seamoor Road in Westbourne.