NO wonder the post office is a shambles.

I still believe in letter writing as opposed to e-mails. I recently sent two letters from a local post office.

I stood in a long queue and it took twenty minutes to be served as there was only one person serving. I asked for both letters to be posted first class.

I wanted to pay and stick the stamps on myself and post the letters in a post box.

The assistant would not give me the stamps nor my change till I handed over the letters.

“There is no number on the addresses” I was told.

My reply was that both houses were named and I had the proper post codes as well.

I had to listen to a lecture on address writing before I was allowed to go and I was also told that “in future I would not be able to post a letter without a house number”.

I also try and use local services and I occasionally purchase a lottery ticket from another post office nearer to home.

I fill in my ticket with all the appropriate boxes ticked and hand over the ticket to the assistant in the post office.

Each time I have to hand it back as they have printed out the wrong game.

Today I went to post a letter in Westbourne.

I had to wait till the assistant finished her chit chat with another assistant.

I asked for my letter to be posted and placed it on the scales.

Before any other conversation took place I was asked “What’s in it then ?” I said that I was posting it on behalf of someone else and I had no idea what the contents were. “Well you cannot post it then” was the next reply.

No manners, no sorry, just a 100 per cent rude jobsworth.

I am sure that they would all be the first to complain about sloppy service if they went into a pub and were treated similar.

They are certainly not having a happy new year.


Virginia Close,