Poole Lighthouse is set to host a music award show celebrating Dorset's best music talent.

The venue is rolling out the red carpet for the prestigious annual Original Music Awards.

With live performances from funk rockers Soulhole and, winner of last year's Best Newcomer OMA, Millie Watson, the venue has promised a night to remember. 

According to organisers Matt Black and Mel Berkhauer, the sole aim is to hail the Dorset area as a hotbed of musical talent. 

They describe the awards as 'more like a house of cards' with a layer at the top, but without the layers below the whole thing is meaningless.

Matt and Mel are the team behind Hangover Hill Ltd, a local record label that runs a monthly 'Live and Unheard' at the Lighthouse.

With a host of awards presented on the night, the show will also feature several Special Awards.  

These aim to give those whose music and circumstances make a call for them to be more widely recognised.

Seven artists have won the awards including Swedish-born, Thai psychedelic folk/dream pop singer, and songwriter, Ethereal UK.

Ethereal, whose real name is Waritsara 'Yui' Karlberg, is a transgender artist who is also autistic and has struggled with depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD and low self-esteem. 

She won the award due to her 'sheer strength not to give up and release powerful music', signed by New York label XYYX for her debut album.

Other winners will be announced on the night from a list of categories with each having three nominees.

Guests will be treated to a two-course table buffet and an event photographer will be on hand to capture the evening's special moments.

Matt said: "As the home of Live and Unheard, Lighthouse is the natural venue for the Original Music Awards and we’re thrilled to be able to stage them at one of the most famous venues on the South Coast.”

The event is set to kick off at 7pm on January 19.