A PUB landlord couple are retiring after working in the trade for over 40 years.

Lisa and Adam Walkey, who have spent the last 17 years running the Bear Cross pub and restaurant, have poured their last pint.

Throughout their time in the industry, Lisa and Adam have run pubs across Dorset, including The Derby's Corner, The World's End, The White Heart at Bishops Caundle, and The Bear Cross.

The couple had their wedding reception at The Worlds End, Almer, and in October, they will have been married for 30 years.

Lisa said: "We have stayed with Hall and Woodhouse because they are a family-run business, we have always done well for them, and they have always supported us."

To celebrate their time at The Bear Cross, Lisa and Adam had a leaving party on Sunday, January 7, inviting family, friends, and their regular customers, some of whom have been with them for 30 years.

Over 200 people, including their daughter and two grandchildren, attended to wish them a happy, well-deserved retirement.

Lisa said: "We would like to thank everyone who has worked with us over the last 40 years.

"Their hard work and fantastic customer service have without doubt contributed to the success we have had in all our pubs."

Lisa added: "A huge thank you to all our loyal customers over the years we have loved looking after you and helping make your celebrations extra special."

When asked what they will do during their retirement, Lisa said that she and her husband are starting a cake-making business.

Lisa currently makes the cakes and her 'famous meringues' for The Bear Cross and plans to continue doing this into retirement.

They hope to make and deliver their sweet treats around the community and eventually get a stall at Wimborne Market.

Lisa and Adam have never had the time to celebrate special occasions, however, they have booked their first Valentine's Day night out with their new free time.

Lisa said: "We are looking forward to spending much more time with our precious family."