AS I patiently waited for the car in front of me to complete their illegal right hand turn from Christchurch Road into Adeline Road where Argos used to be and where the police hub presently is, I wondered if this small stretch of road from St John’s Church to McDonald’s in Palmerston Road was the best in Bournemouth...for ignoring traffic regulations.

The bus stop at Crescent Gardens handily doubles up as a parking bay; the no right turn sign to Adeline Road is treated with the same contemptuous disregard as the one from The Gardens into Christchurch Road.

If the parking bays by Iceland and those diagonally opposite are occupied then they are simply parked behind regardless of the difficulties caused to traffic, particularly buses, trying to negotiate the now greatly narrowed highway.

A regular motor show is held a little further along by some of the local shopkeepers and their customers proudly displaying their near identical German cars.

However, in order to keep traffic flowing these are often thoughtfully parked on the footpath.

The final hurdle being the flurry of Deliveroo and JustEat delivery drivers in the vicinity of McDonald’s.

In short it’s an exciting 500 yard journey.


Manor Road, Bournemouth