A BOURNEMOUTH-based micro-artist known for his works that fit inside the eye of a needle has had his latest creation bought by a private collector for an undisclosed sum.

David A Lindon’s micro-size painting Love is in the Bin has been snapped up by a private collector who is based in the UK.

The artwork is a tribute to Banksy's iconic Love is in the Bin and is described as taking the concept to an “entirely new level”.

David meticulously shredded the original Girl with Balloon using micro blades set within a 24-carat gold picture frame, transforming it into a stunning masterpiece that now hangs from its frame.

What makes the piece truly exceptional is its microscopic scale.

It is mounted inside the eye of a needle and preserved within a bespoke glass dome, showcasing David's unparalleled skill and innovation.

The Banksy artwork Love is in the Bin which shredded itself at auction sold for a record £16m.

David crafted Love is in the Bin with the utmost precision, using the tip of an ostrich feather to recreate Banksy's iconic imagery.

The result is a fusion of macro and micro artistry, “pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of miniature masterpieces”.

The micro-painting is now part of an exclusive collection of modern masterpieces, including David A Lindon's previous works such as Happy Choppers, which currently on a touring exhibition in America.

Other notable pieces within this assembly include the The Flower Thrower triptych, Girl with Balloon - both of which have previously sold - and Love Rat, among others.

David's other previous works also include a sculpture of much-loved cartoon characters Snoopy and Woodstock.

As reported by the Daily Echo last May, David spent more than 300 hours creating the artwork which was the smallest sculpture of Snoopy ever made.

It was mounted inside an authentic 1980s ceramic Snoopy moneybox.

The creation commemorated 100 years since the birth of Charles M Schulz, who was an American cartoonist and the creator of the comic strip Peanuts.