A FAMILY-RUN bakery offering freshly baked goods with a touching back story in memory of a loved one is Daily Echo’s Trader of the Week.

Big Wigs is owned by brother and sister duo Dom and Dawn Brown along with their long-time friend Tom Bew.

They take pride in making their products at their home site in Tuckton.

Bournemouth Echo:

Big Wigs is known for its doughnuts filled with unique flavours such as salted caramel, maple bacon, and custard.

It recently expanded its franchise into another store in Bournemouth Square.

Speaking on the launch of the Bournemouth store, baker Dawn Brown said: “The first week was amazing, and now it's very steady.

“There are lots of people coming to lunch and lots of trainees and local businesses that come already and know us.

"But I imagine, over the next year, it's going to grow to a very busy business.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Big Wigs began in the 2020 pandemic, Dawn, 35, added: “We started off with a team of five people, and now it's like 45.

“I started off in pastry, It was me and both owners, they started in the kitchen because we're all a team of chefs.

“When they got the business, it wasn't a bakery, it was a fun project, which is one of the ethoses of the business because everything's made from scratch.

“Very fun and down-to-earth products as well.

“Rather than being super, super fancy, it's very much like what people want to eat.

“Big Wigs is a stylish take on grounded food.”

Bournemouth Echo: Big Wigs bakery in Bournemouth

Big Wigs was named in memory of a friend of the family, Dawn added: “It’s a touching story that doesn't get talked about very often.

“It's named Big Wigs because Dom and Tom worked with a guy called John Whittingham way back when they were chefs in their 20s.

“He was such a lovely guy, and he used to call them the bigwigs because Tom was head chef and Don was sous chef.

“He passed away so it's kind of like an honour of him.”

The independent bakery has stores in Tuckton, Westbourne, Highcliffe, and Bournemouth town centre.