A DORSET metal detectorist helped a couple reunite with a treasured gold engagement ring.

Martin and Bethany have been married for 20 years and lost their beloved ring while on a country walk at Corfe Castle.

Keith Brown is from Dorchester and gives up his free time to help people reunite with their lost jewellery.

Keith said: “I felt so happy that I had reunited them with a precious ring which meant so much to them.”

At the beginning of November, Keith received an email from a gentleman called Martin from Buckinghamshire. 

Martin explained that, in late October, he, his wife Bethany, and their children were holidaying in Dorset and walking the county trail at Norden, near Corfe Castle.

Bethany noticed her gold and diamond engagement ring had slipped off her finger.

They frantically searched the area but could not find it and resigned to the fact that the ring was gone forever.

On returning home from their holiday, the couple came across Keith’s YouTube Channel about metal detecting.

Martin got in contact with Keith, asking for help to locate his wife’s beloved engagement ring.

After Keith obtained permission from Dorset County Council to conduct his search using his metal detector, they set off to find the ring.

Martin and Keith arranged to meet up on December 22, which involved Martin making the 260-mile trip from Buckinghamshire.

Keith said: “After ten minutes of searching the pathway and the grass verge, I had made the usual trashy finds of an aluminium ring pull tab, silver foil, and a small piece of twisted tin, but alas, no sign of the ring.

“Then I had a really nice signal and, just two inches below the muddy surface, there it was!

“Martin watched as I unearthed the beautiful gold and diamond ring as it glistened through the mud.”

Keith added: “Mark was elated and freely admitted that he was quite emotional when I handed it over to him; he just couldn’t believe his eyes.

“He phoned his wife Bethany to tell her the great news, and she was emotional too.”

Afterwards, Keith and Mark enjoyed a well-deserved cuppa at Corfe Castle tea room and admired the ring.