A Dorset-based animal rehoming centre has been 'overwhelmed' by donations in its Christmas fundraiser.

Margaret Green Rehoming Centre says it has been immensely grateful for the donations it received in its 'Wrapped up for Love' fundraiser. 

The annual event has received more donations than ever in 2023, which was described by Lucy Hooper, fundraising and communications manager as a 'bumper year'. 

She said: "It's been a bumper year for donations, which is remarkable when you think we're living through a cost of living crisis.

"When it comes to our rescue animals, our community still comes out in force to help them have a lovely Christmas."

The fundraiser initially started as a shoebox collection, however, it has since expanded.  

Donors can now offer monetary contributions along with buying from the charity's Amazon wish list to get the animal's Christmas presents delivered straight to them. 

Bournemouth Echo: Rabbit at Margaret Green next to their Christmas present (Image: Margaret Green Rehoming Centre) Rabbit at Margaret Green next to their Christmas present (Image: Margaret Green Rehoming Centre) (Image: Margaret Green Rehoming Centre)

Asked why it has been their biggest year, Ms Hooper suggested it was due to the charity's open communication.  

She said: "This year particularly we've had a lot of animals enter our care due to poor welfare or after they've been abandoned. 

"I think because we've been open with our followers and we've been working through, we've kept in the minds of people who really do care about animal welfare."

The charity struggled this year due to an influx of abandoned dogs. 

Blamed on people dumping dogs after Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, as well as high veterinary costs, Ms Cooper said donations are vital to keep the charity alive and help their animals find homes. 

She said: "For people to give how they have been giving, it is directly helping save these dogs and give them a second chance. 

"I've been in animal welfare for 10 years and this is the busiest it's ever been and these gifts allow us to enrich the animals experience while they are with us and keep them happy.

"As nice as out facilities are, they are no substitute for a home and happier animals get rehomed quicker." 

The charity is also looking for volunteers at its Wareham shop which opened in December 2023.