AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after the Poole Park Railway train derailed while carrying passengers.

The train had been running normally until a carriage flipped on its side during its circuit of the lake on Friday afternoon.

No one was injured during the incident involving the popular engine named Howard.

However, it comes just months after another crash in October.

Photos taken at the time showed the miniature engine stuck in gravel with people looking on in wonder.

According to the council, Howard had struck a piece of debris, causing the front wheels to "jump" off the track’.

Speaking on the latest incident, Cllr Andy Martin, council boss for culture, said: The Poole Park train derailed on Friday morning with one carriage, which was carrying passengers tipping over.

"Whilst no injuries were reported at the time of the incident, we understand that this must have been a distressing experience for those involved and our team on site acted swiftly to support the passengers who were shaken.

"The train was running normally up until the derailment, and we are now investigating the cause of the incident."

Bournemouth Echo: Howard the trainHoward the train (Image: Daily Echo)The rail service was halted in 2018 due to interruptions and personnel issues with BCP Council then taking over the running of the railway.

In October 2022, it was re-opened with Howard running on the newly laid track, according to the local authority’s website.

The engine can carry 32 people and is also wheelchair and pushchair accessible.

The service operates daily throughout the spring and summer, subject to weather.