“OH , you MUST have a web site !”

Really? ‘Contact us’ is the button I always look for……

But, more and more, one cannot elicit a response nor even an acknowledgement.

IF our calls are so important to you , then PICK UP THE PHONE.

E-mails can be responded to in seconds……but the DELETE button on many companies’ key boards are the first to wear out.

In the early days , did anyone try ringing the police on 101? It is much quicker now, of course.

Many councils declared even before working from home became a right , that for efficiency they would become Digital By Default ( all one does is to be obliged to open an account ) yet still many have no digital superhighways they can command – nor understand.

I am still amazed how I can produce results with a letter , but it’s £1.25 a stamp now if I’m are desperate.

Advertising for more customers? Well , don’t ignore the ones you already have.

When you walk in a restaurant , the first engagement is not , “Good evening , thanks for choosing Elite Cuisine Emporium , lovely to see you.” No , it’s the monotone, “Have you booked ?”

Well , you kept calling but no-one picked up the phone. And the place is half empty usually too but still the ‘how do we get rid of these people’ opening gambit.

Eat out to help out was hilarious but frustrating….remember?

So, with Christmas rapidly approaching , I hope you talk to someone to get you that present or I hope your sprouts are hot at your chosen eaterie.

Just don’t rely on the button ‘Contact us’.

Nigel Hedges

Granville Place