FOOD costs are still rising. Fuel costs are still rising. (I purchased diesel in Morrisons in Shropshire last week and paid 10 pence less than my local Morrisons down here).

Water costs are still rising. Medical costs are still rising (£55 now to get your ears tested). Vets costs are still rising.

I wondered if there was anything free in this day and age then I spoke with a shop assistant.

Manners, they are free but you would never think so.

Today I had the displeasure of three people who were extremely rude.

Maybe they had not realised that this time of year is peace and joy.

I even heard people in the supermarket have a go at the assistants for simple little things. If you hold a door open for someone the least you would expect is a thank you.

If you ask for something there is usually a please with it.

Pardon is another word that has gone by the wayside.

What? I said “pardon”. Did parents never teach their children manners in the last thirty years?

As for talking on the telephone when you are in a shop getting served, that is just pure ignorance.

If I ever served someone who started to use their telephone then I would serve the next person and ignore the rude person.

They soon put the telephone away.


Virginia Close,