IT IS very difficult to believe that our current occupants of town hall are struggling to find the funding to keep such a minor operation like the Hengistbury Head Centre open.

This is just another step too far. I can remember approximately six or seven years ago the then Bournemouth Borough Council stating that their income from car parking and fines was £12 million per year.

I can imagine that, allowing for the much larger council along with increased charges, the income must now be huge.

Surely the amount to keep such a centre open is minor. BCP is now looking for voluntary redundancies from staff, the current situation is bordering to being laughable.

Currently, nationally 25 councils are at risk of ‘bankruptcy’. The councils, apparently, do not go bankrupt, but issue a 114 notice, where they cannot commit to any new spending.

I would suggest that instead of cuts to services along with redundancies, our BCP should take note of what these other councils are doing.


Headswell Avenue,