MORE than 100 women and members of the LGQTB+ community gathered in Bournemouth wearing orange and fox-themed costumes for the first Fox Strut event.

The march was part of the World Health Organisation's global 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

Dressed in their brightest fox-themed garments, attendees marched through the streets of Bournemouth as part of a visual celebration of the urban fox and a collective stand against gender-based violence.

Photographer Jayne Jackson organised the event and said: "We had such an incredible turnout to the Fox Strut, more people than we ever imagined.

 "We chose to focus on the fox as you always see them out and about at night. We noticed that you see more foxes on the streets at night than you do women, and that just isn't right.

"Women should be able to go out at night and feel safe."

After the incredible response to the Fox Strut online and the procession, planning for future Fox Struts is already underway, with days confirmed for another in Bournemouth on November 29, 2024, and London on November 22, 2024.

Jayne added: "This is the beginning of something really big, and we hope that Fox Strut will take off worldwide."

Fellow Fox strutter, Jessica, added: 'As a skulk of foxes, our group felt empowered to brave the street, hoping that in the future our daughters will feel safe on their own and our sons will be looking out for them and not threatening them."

Photographer Jayne Jackson and artist Lorna Rees have also created a series of portraits of Dorset women in public space in the dark. The photography series Urban Fox' is still being created and is scheduled for exhibition in 2024.

Lorna Rees, an event organiser, added: 'It was incredible to see so many people turning up to raise awareness for not just women's safety but for members of the LGBTQ community as well.

We're so thankful to everyone who attended despite the wet weather, and we can't wait to see how this develops over time."

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