A FORMER boyband starlet who became an army green beret commando and was injured in Afghanistan has grown a £5m-valued company by selling the formula that eased his pain. 

Farard Darver, 45, suffered a leg injury after his vehicle hit a Taliban trap and though he carried on serving he was permanently affected. 

He tried everything for his aching leg and finally happened upon CBD, an oil found in marijuana, which helped him manage the pain. 

Farard was so stunned by the healing effects, that he gave up a promotional opportunity to colonel and a full army pension so he could leave the military and invest in his start-up. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Former Westlife support act Farard, from Lymington, has based his business in Wimborne, said: “Before I left the army I did my research and prepared as much as I could, then after leaving I invested everything I had. 

“I even sold an Indian ring and bracelet my father had given me for my 18th and 21st birthdays. 

“My house was at risk and I had a wife and two children and then just as I launched the business Covid came.  

Eventually, he launched Healthcare International Research Ltd in 2019 to sell two brands: HEMPE for health and wellness and MotherSage, for beauty and skincare. 

He added: “It was hard but the products became really popular because they are entirely natural and unlike other CBD oils you don’t ingest them. 

“They are topically absorbed through the skin via transdermal penetration; this is what makes them unique. There is no need to swallow anything - just rub it onto your skin. 

“The products are formulated at molecular level by Czech scientists and are unique and have won many awards. 

“The HEMPE products provide natural relief for sore muscles, joints and inflamed skin. And the MotherSage range does amazing things for general skincare. 

“After the launch, I started to receive investment and over the last 18 months have raised £1.3m – and I’ve turned down offers for the company. 

“Getting injured in Afghanistan thwarted my ambition of joining the special forces but I used the tools the army gave me to plan the business and launch it. 

“Natural, toxin-free products that actually work are what people want and the proof of that is in the success of the business. 

“Already, I am selling it right around the world.”