TRAFFIC on the A338 was halted on Sunday afternoon after a swan was killed in a crash.

A male swan was found dead with its female partner standing near his body at the side of the road.

The female was uninjured.

Several calls were made to police reporting the incident on the southbound carriageway at the Ashley Heath Roundabout.

Wildlife Rescue CVS Hospital at Moyles Court was called to assist police with the incident.

The wildlife rescue hospital sent two team members to the scene.

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Police blocked off the road and diverted traffic whilst the incident was dealt with.

Wildlife medic Mike Meeks said both the dead male swan and the female were taken back to the hospital.

He added: “Unfortunately they will have seen the very wet road surface and mistaken it for a river to land in.

“The deceased swan died of impact injuries at the scene”

The Ashley Heath Roundabout was at a standstill at around 1.30pm on Sunday, December 3.