ONE cannot help but notice the forlorn figure of Poole Stadium standing idle.

Not so long back the place was a hive of activity.

Football on a Saturday, speedway on a Wednesday, and greyhound racing on a Thursday and Saturday evening (plus Tuesday in the summertime) and laterally Sunday evening.

Poole Town Social Club, or the stadium club as some knew it, was a thriving concern, which was well attended.

All now but dead and buried.

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Does anybody within the BCP Council have an inkling what the future holds?

Moreso those members who represent the town of Poole itself.

Other towns up and down the country, and dwarfed in size numerically, boast active sporting stadia that has been encouraged by their councils and local business.

And they proudly advertise the fact.

Nobody ever seems to mention the stadium.

Perhaps it’s time for some transparency.

Bob Woodland

Cavan Crescent