A DIGGER that became stuck in soft sand and rising tides on Bournemouth beach has been recovered.

BCP Council’s contractor confirmed the vehicle had been ‘successfully retrieved’ from where it became stuck, near the East Cliff cliff lift.

The contractor, Mackley, also confirmed no fuel, lubricants or hydraulic oils spilt into the sea.

The excavator was carrying out work on timber groynes in the area when it became stuck in soft sand, before being swamped by the rising tide, on the morning of Wednesday, November 29.

Plans were put in place for the vehicle to be recovered at low tide at around 4.45pm.

A spokesperson from Mackley said: “Following one of our excavators becoming stuck in soft sand on a rising tide earlier this morning our recovery plan was implemented, and the excavator was successfully retrieved at low tide this afternoon using a specialist recovery team.

“The excavator was isolated, the driver safely recovered with no injuries, and there was no fuel, lubricants or hydraulic oils spilt into the sea or onto the beach.

“Our operatives and site management teams are well trained to respond, and I would like to thank all those involved for their combined efforts to retrieve the excavator.

“It will be business as usual tomorrow, when we’ll resume work on the timber groyne renewal programme here at East Cliff beach, Bournemouth.”