AS COP 28 gets underway and fossil fuels try to get in on the act again Professor James Hansen, he who alerted the world in 1988 to planetary overheating, talks about the worrying rise in CO2 levels in October.

He thinks it may be as a result of improving shipping fuels with the consequent drop in atmospheric pollution.

Pollution tends to have a masking effect on overheating.

Professor Hansen points out it's important to allow young people to be involved in decision-making as it will be their future being impacted.

But have any of us seen any programmes for educators to speak up about what is happening?

And are there any alerts in schools, warning of the need to decarbonise at speed and scale?

The Covid inquiry has shown up dangerous scientific illiteracy in leaders.

And it seems that the Climate Change Committee's Sixth Carbon Budget -with a programme for carbon reduction - is not yet published for the politicians nor for the wider public .

Can we now have any faith that our parliamentary representatives are qualified to lead the charge for a safe future?

Mrs Susan Chapman

Parkwood Road,