SWIM Bournemouth have opened a new swim academy to help young children in the local community develop their swimming abilities. 

Swim Bournemouth was established in 2010 and is a hub for swimming in Dorset and the largest programme in the county, catering to swimmers 6+ who are learning to swim up to National and International level competitions.

Jeff Sandley took over as head coach last year and is enthusiastic about making the club accessible to swimmers of all abilities.

Mr Sandley said: “This is a new venture for the club, and we are really keen to welcome people in.”

He added: “We want to give back to the youngsters who are just starting out with swimming.”

Swim Bournemouth has partnered with Canford School, where the lessons will be held on Friday, Saturday and Saturday.

The swim academy is structured into 6-week training packages and will follow a badge system.

Children joining the academy will need minimal swimming experience; however, they must be able to swim on their front and back for at least 15 meters.

The sessions are for children who want an introduction to club swimming to develop their stroke and technical skills.

Once the swimmers are confident in their abilities, they are welcome to move up the ranks within the club and get a taste of competitive swimming.

Mr Sandley said: “I want the club to be seen as a conglomerate of swimming."

"We work with kids from the lowest of abilities and train them up, all the way to the master’s sessions with 60 and 70-year-olds.”

He added: “Swimming is a really important skill to learn; we live near the sea, so it’s vital that children are safe and happy in the water.

“Swimming is a fantastic hobby for children, not only for their health and fitness, but the competitive side also develops skills such as resilience and perseverance.”

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