A TEXAS woman is hoping to track down the mystery person who has been sending her Christmas cards for the last ten years.

Carrie Moebus, 54, say the stamps indicate the cards have been delivered from Bournemouth and Christchurch.

They are sent to her address in Fort Worth, Texas, every year in time for Christmas.

Carrie said: “We’ve been getting them for about ten years. I don’t think they were arriving when we first moved into the house, but they started shortly after.

“The postage mark on the stamp was BH23, and after digging I saw it was Christchurch. A previous envelope had BH1.

“They’re always Christmas cards, and they always mail it before thanksgiving.”

Bournemouth Echo: Christmas cards delivered to Carrie's address in TexasChristmas cards delivered to Carrie's address in Texas (Image: Carrie Moebus)

Each card is addressed to a ‘Mr and Mrs Wynee’, and is signed off by a ‘Joshua Mitchell’ – three people Carrie has never heard of.

Carrie said: “I don’t know who Mr and Mrs Wynee are. We have a Facebook page for the whole neighbourhood, and no one there knows anyone by those names.

“Some of them have got invested themselves and have started doing their own deep dives to find out who is writing these cards - it’s a mystery.”

As for the unknown sender Joshua Mitchell, Carrie has suspicions he may have started writing the Christmas cards as a child.

She said: “The first cards that came looked like they were written by a two or three-year-old – we couldn’t read anything because it was just scribbles.

Bournemouth Echo: Carrie MoebusCarrie Moebus (Image: Carrie Moebus)

“Each year, they’ve got progressively better so that’s why I think it’s a child.

“I’ve wondered if it’s an education exchange program of some sort. Other than that, I don’t know what it could be.”

In a mission to find the secret sender, or the intended recipient, Carrie has been posting in social media groups.

Earlier this month, she wrote in the ‘All Things Christchurch’ Facebook group: “Hello from Texas. I have a mystery and am hoping someone might be able to help.”

She then shared pictures of some of the cards, asking the group: “Do you happen to recognize the sender?”