ONE lucky woman was nominated by her family for a home makeover worth over £10,000 for her work as a caring mum.

Father and son duo Steve and Brad Bonner own Iconic Projects, a family-run construction company in Dorset.

Recently, the company advertised a competition for a free home makeover on its Facebook page.

To enter, candidates had to nominate someone they think is worthy of a free home makeover.

Bournemouth Echo:

The Facebook post read: ‘We’re offering one fortunate household in Bournemouth the chance to win a spectacular makeover, completely free of charge.

‘This could be a bedroom makeover or a dreamy garden transformation – the choice is yours.’

Sherrell Web, a Ferndown mother of four was nominated by her youngest daughter.

Steven Bonner, manager of Iconic Projects said: “One girl wrote about for her mum, a lovely little story about how she’s trying to bring up four kids whilst working two jobs.

“She's working into the ground just to support her family and give them the stuff that they need growing up.”

Once awarded, a team of construction workers got down to business to transform Sherrell’s house.

Steve added: “We turned up last Monday and just decided to start doing some work and took a whole week to transform it.

“So, we went in, clear deal, big landscape deal, and just sort of dressed it all up for nothing.

“We had no idea that the house had been like this for 15 years and it was pretty much like a jungle.”

The team spent over £10,000 on the impressive transformation.

Speaking on the selfless work done by the company, Steve added: “There are five people living in a two-bedroom bungalow with an overgrown forest, and it was just kind of nice to just do something to just make the family feel better.

“It's quite nice to just go do something for somebody that wasn't expecting anything and just appreciates what we've done for them.

“We loved doing it. If I could do it all the time, that's what I would do.

“It's such a rewarding opportunity and probably the best thing that we've ever come up with.”