AN annual event to help small business owners with content creation is set to return.

You Are The Media (YATM) Creator Day aims to empower small businesses to become self-sufficient.

The theme for the day, at Lighthouse Poole, is ‘building spaces’, focusing on people and businesses that are present on social media, but are building their own audiences.

Presenters include Dodge Woodall from Eventful Lives Podcast, Fab Giovanetti from Alt Marketing School and Rosie Sherry from Rosieland.

Other speakers to appear will be Dave Harland and Ben McKinney from Copy Or Die, Shelley Rosalind from Harbour 32 and Rebecca Leppard from Upgrading Women.

Since the event launch, more than 100 attendees have booked for the event, aligning with an increasing trend in attendance at in-person conferences in 2023.

Organiser of the event, and founder of YATM, Mark Masters, said it is important to move away from ‘passive learning’. He said: “We've evolved from the conventional sit-and-listen format. We've recognised that real learning happens when people come together, and that's what Creator Day is all about."

“When people come to an event, it means they are in the same place with others who have the same shared mindset.

“During the afternoon session, we unite everyone to collaboratively create their own piece of work, be it a compelling LinkedIn post, an insightful blog article, or an engaging video.

“It's about turning those ideas you've been toying with into reality, as part of a supportive team. We don’t publish on the day, the teams agree a date amongst themselves.”

Mark, as a Poole local, wants to bring more people to national events in the town.

“Fiona Brennan from Worcester, an attendee from our 2023 event, highlighted the draw of people converging in a location that isn't a major city for a business event,” Mark said. “Poole's infrastructure is ready to welcome visitors from around the country and beyond.

“Being a local lad from Poole, I feel a sense of responsibility to showcase the town.

“With a decade of building the YATM community, Creator Day is an occasion for people to look forward to and come together.”

Creator Day will take place on Thursday, April 25 at Lighthouse Poole.