TWO independent businesses have closed in Bournemouth town centre just six months after voicing their struggles and concerns about the future of their ventures.

Browns of Bournemouth and Vintage Paradise have both shut down, adding to the number of empty units in the town. 

Bournemouth Echo: Browns of Bournemouth

Manager of Browns of Bournemouth, Bianca Jones, told the Echo in May this year that if the business made it to the end of the year ‘it would be a blessing’.

The shop, which sold luxury designer items, was suffering from a ‘massive drop in sales’ and increases in costs.

Bianca said that thieving, homelessness, and drug use in the town had an effect on shops and as a result ‘nobody wants to come to Bournemouth’.

The business said in a social media post: “It is with a heavy heart to announce that Browns of Bournemouth is officially closing.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone and we greatly appreciate all of our lovely customers, friends and family for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the years we are truly grateful.

“We’ve shared lots of beautiful memories in the shop between our customers and staff that we will cherish always.”

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Browns of Bournemouth will be opening for the last time this weekend as it hosts a closing down sale, on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2.

Vintage Paradise, a clothing store in The Arcade, has also cleared its unit after previously telling the Echo it was struggling to stay in business.

Bournemouth Echo: Vintage Paradise

Former manager, Tilly Lever, said the shop almost closed last winter due to a drop in sales and some days only made £25 a day.

Tilly said that the town centre ‘needs to be nourished’ and focus should be put on current businesses rather than new developments.

A town centre summit was held last week where local businesses and members of BCP Council, along with other town representatives, gathered to work on improving the town centre. 

Cllr Vikki Slade asked attendees to create pledges for the town centre, which are yet to be revealed. 

She said: “Bournemouth is a brilliant town and I feel more passionate now than ever before about its bright future.”