A POPULAR store selling international food is expanding its business into a ‘massive’ supermarket in Poole.

Dynamic duo British Pakistani Tariq and Usman Khan own Makkah Foods, an international supermarket in Dorset.                                              

Founded in 1976, Makkah Foods offers an ethnic supermarket that is ‘committed to providing customers with the freshest, highest quality food products and groceries.’

Bournemouth Echo:

As well as supermarkets, the family-oriented company also boasts their title of a ‘leading wholesaler in the region of Dorset.

Usman Khan, the director of Makkah Foods, recently signed a deal to move their Parkstone store into a bigger premises.

The store will relocate from 320 Ashley Road to 350 Ashley Road which will take over the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shop and the Co-op store, which are both due to close early next year.

Makkah Foods says all BHF and Co-op staff will be given jobs at the new premises.

Mr Khan spoke about the transition: “Our Ashley Road store is majorly cramped, and we can't stock near enough half the lines that we want to.

“We’ve been after the deal with Co-op for coming up to about seven or eight years now and luckily, we bought them out.

Bournemouth Echo:

Mr Khan has big plans for the future of Makkah Foods, adding: “We're going to be looking up to set up the home delivery service as well in the local area as well as making a deli, a bakery, a massive retreat section, a sweet centre, so pretty much everything anyone would want.”

 “We'll be stocking co-op products there as well just to make the transition easier for some of the customers that want to get some of their things.

A spokesperson for Co-op confirmed: “Our priority is to fully support colleagues and safeguard local jobs, and colleagues will transfer to the new operator.

“Co-op remains committed to serving and supporting its members and customers in the area and operates three stores within a mile of the Parkstone store including a store further along Ashley Road."

The final day of trading for Co-op is expected to be 10 February 2024 before the new Makkah Foods is expected to open its doors in March.