POLICE have revealed the shocking volume of weapons dumped by members of the public anonymously.

‘Surrender bins’ placed around the New Forest by Hampshire Police have gathered a haul of unwanted knives and offensive weapons.

The force introduced the bins outside police stations and at other locations as part of its Operation Sceptre campaign.

The operation aims to tackle knife crime in the region through a number of avenues including education and enforcement.

As part of the operation, people were encouraged to leave their unwanted knives in the surrender bins.

Bournemouth Echo: The results of the latest Op Sceptre campaignThe results of the latest Op Sceptre campaign (Image: Ringwood Police)

In a Facebook post, Ringwood Police shared the results of the latest Operation Sceptre campaign, including two pictures of the surrendered weapons.

Officers noted that some of the weapons pictured may have been surrendered during the previous Operation Sceptre campaign.

Ringwood Police wrote: “A big thank you to those of you across the New Forest who deposited knives and other offensive weapons in our bins.

“That's more dangerous articles out of people's homes and off the streets.”

The force then asked people to remember the following: “Carrying a knife puts you in danger, it doesn’t protect you.

Bournemouth Echo: ‘Surrender bins’ placed around the New Forest ‘Surrender bins’ placed around the New Forest (Image: Ringwood Police)

“Carrying a knife for protection is illegal and if you’re found to be in possession of one, you could be arrested and prosecuted, as was the case here.

“Not all young people who carry weapons intend to use them. But if a young person carries a weapon and gets into an argument, the situation is more likely to get out of control and a knife is more likely to be used by someone involved.”

Discussing the operation in an earlier Facebook post, Ringwood Police wrote: “Tackling violence remains a number one priority for policing.

“Operation Sceptre brings all 43 forces and British Transport Police together for a coordinated period of intensification to tackle knife crime, a large contributor to violent crime in England and Wales.

“Policing works with partner organisations to tackle knife crime and keep communities safe.

“Police cannot do this solely by law enforcement alone. Our partners in health, social care, housing, education and independent charities are vital support and intervention services.”