CAN you give any of these animals a forever home?

Dorset-based animal rescue centre Margaret Green is looking to rehome a number of animals in its care.

They include chickens, cats, dogs and rabbits.

Bournemouth Echo: SharpaySharpay (Image: Margaret Green)

Sharpay is a beautiful crossbreed who is nearly two-years-old. Although she is very comfortable around people, the world has been a bit overwhelming for her at times. We feel that she would be best suited to a home with adults, without any small furries, who will be happy to continue her training. We think that Sharpay would thrive in a more rural location, and she could possibly live with a like-minded and calm, male dog.

To register an interest in rehoming Sharpay, please contact the team at Lincoln Farm:

Bournemouth Echo: Crookshanks Crookshanks (Image: Margaret Green)

Crookshanks is a seven-year-old, domestic long-haired cat who is a rather sensitive chap that can be quite nervous of unfamiliar people and surroundings. Although, we have started to see his affectionate and chatty side come out and he enjoys a good fuss once comfortable. We are still getting to know Crookshanks but, from what we have learnt so far, we feel that he would prefer to be the only pet in his new home.

Bournemouth Echo: KatKat (Image: Margaret Green)

Kat is a handsome seven-year-old who can be quite anxious around people. We know that he spent lots of time outside in his previous home, so he is finding it difficult to cope with the changes made to his environment. Even though Kat is quite an anxious soul, we are starting to make good progress with building up his trust, and we hope he will continue this progress in his new home.

Bournemouth Echo: Bingo & BelindaBingo & Belinda (Image: Margaret Green)

Bingo & Belinda are a lovely pair of feathered friends who are both Leghorn crosses and are under a year old. This wonderful duo would make a great pair, or they would love to be introduced to an existing flock. They are looking for a home with accommodation that will be suitable and meet avian influenza requirements.

Bournemouth Echo: Pixie & Bo Pixie & Bo (Image: Margaret Green)

Pixie & Bo are a beautiful mother and daughter pair who are five and three years old. They would love to find a home with a large outdoor space, and plenty of room for them to explore and sunbathe in the warmer months. Since being in our care, Pixie & Bo have discovered their love of digging, so it would be important for this cheeky pair to find a home that’s well-secured to ensure they remain safe.

Bournemouth Echo: Florence & Tiger Florence & Tiger (Image: Margaret Green)

Florence & Tiger are a gorgeous, four-year-old pair who would be at their happiest living in a home with plenty of space to play and hop around, with a sunny spot where they can rest and nap together. We have noticed that Florence enjoys having a quiet space where she can go to take time for herself, so it would be important for her to have this special place in her new home too.

To register an interest in rehoming Crookshanks, Kat, Bingo & Belinda, Pixie & Bo or Florence & Tiger, please contact the team at Church Knowle: