THE state of the roads in the BCP area continues to get worse by the day with more and more potholes appearing right across the region.

This state of affairs is now having a direct effect on my driving ability because I am finding myself constantly looking ahead at the road surface rather than maintaining on overall view of everything in front of me.

It is also becoming almost impossible to drive in a straight line as a result of having to avoid potholes and it is just a matter of time before I get stopped by the police for driving in what must look like a manner of being in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence.

The recent announcement made by the government to direct the money saved from the cancellation of parts of HS2 into the road fund to repair potholes and running into billions gave some hope but don’t hold your breath.

I think we will be very fortunate to see any of this cash within the next two years by which time I will be on a second set of wheels and goodness knows how many sets of tyres.

Alan Burden

Catalina Drive,