A MAN accused of raping a woman on a Bournemouth clifftop after meeting her in a nightclub has been found not guilty.

Ahmed Almyram, 31, was cleared of a charge of rape by a jury following a trial at Bournemouth Crown Court.

The allegations related to an incident on July 7, 2023, where the woman said she climbed over a clifftop fence to escape him.

The defendant said the pair met at Camel Bar, where they danced and drank together, but when he left the club he found the woman waiting for him.

He said the woman was drunk and ‘not capable’ of walking by herself, so stayed with her in fear that homeless people would attempt to take her belongings.

CCTV footage played to the court showed Almyram and the woman walking through Lansdowne searching for food.

The defendant told police that he could not speak English but was trying to help the woman.

After arriving at East Cliff, Almyram said the woman climbed over the fence in an attempt to take her life.

He then jumped over to help her but said she was ‘struggling and resisting and pushing him away’.

Almyram called over a woman who was passing by to help, and the pair managed to bring the woman to the right side of the fence.

The passer-by sat and comforted the woman but left after she declined her offer to leave with her.

The defendant said he was distressed after the incident and had ‘no sexual intentions’ throughout the night.

However, after helping her away from the clifftop, Almyram said she asked him for sex.

He said they slept together consensually and then the woman asked more, but after he said no ‘she got aggressive’ and he left.