A DEVELOPER says he ‘cannot get his head around’ council decisions after a setback in his plans for a new drive-through in Christchurch.

Richard Carr’s company Fortitudo has requested outline planning permission for a drive-through restaurant off the Jumpers roundabout, at the corner of Barrack Road and The Grove.

Under the plans, a new one-way access would be constructed from Barrack Road, with traffic exiting onto The Grove.

However, Christchurch Town Council has objected to the scheme warning an “already congested” Barrack Road would not be suitable.

The planning and regulatory committee met to discuss the outline planning application on November 14.

Members highlighted issues including the traffic and congestion the drive-through could create and noted it would be positioned within a flood zone.

It was also argued that the proposal would have a “significant visual impact and relationship to nearby properties”.

Describing the proposed restaurant location as a “significant gateway to Christchurch”, members concluded that “the existing green space should be preserved”.

It is not the first time Fortitudo has attempted to develop in the land; the company previously submitted plans for homes, and a scheme with two drive-through restaurants.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Richard Carr said: “Here’s an exact example of a brownfield site that sits next to a petrol station, which on two occasions, we have tried to get residential planning for to build starter homes which would’ve suited people working at the hospital.

“On both of those occasions, it’s been refused.

“We’ve now put an application in for a drive-through which we’ve spent substantial sums of money on offering highway improvements, and the sequential test which it passed.

“I find it amazing that we’ve been told by the local authority they want to move the town forward, and get regeneration. But when you try and start to do that, you get knocked back - it’s just ridiculous.

“That operator that was going to take that site at the [drive-through restaurant] would’ve employed between 60 to 70 young people and it would have had probably 30,000 visitors a week.

“I just can’t get my head around some of these decisions that come around.”

Richard Carr says Fortitudo has now lodged an appeal for a non-determination of the planning application for the drive-through restaurant.