A MAN accused of murdering a woman claimed he was “completely out of control” and does not remember stabbing her.

Alberto Fioletti, 31, said he only realised Stephanie Hodgkinson had been fatally injured after seeing her “lying on the floor” and “bleeding”.

He said in his police interview: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“When I made the 999 phone call, I realised what I’d done.”

His last memories were becoming “overwhelmed with emotion” and punching her to the floor, a court heard.

Fioletti faces trial for the alleged murder of Stephanie, 34, after she was found with stab wounds in her Bournemouth home on May 12.

The defendant has admitted a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder.

Bournemouth Echo: Stephanie Hodgkinson Stephanie Hodgkinson (Image: Dorset Police)

In the sixth day of evidence, prosecutor Steven Perian shared video footage of Fioletti’s police interview at Bournemouth Police Station on May 24.

Fioletti told DC Kim Blackmore he visited Stephanie’s Bournemouth home on May 12 “with the purpose of finding a way to try again to be together”, following the breakdown of their relationship.

He described how Stephanie was “very cold” and “very distant” when he got to her house and said “she was not gonna give [him] any other chance romantically”.

Fioletti told DC Blackmore: “I started shaking, I was completely upset.

“I felt like everything was falling apart and I was very upset. I was very emotionally out of control.

“I know I was shaking in the kitchen, and then the last thing I remember is that I punched her.”

The defendant then added that he had remembered seeing a knife on the worktop, which he said Stephanie had been using to chop vegetables.

Fioletti continued: “I know I’ve done it, but the memory of the moment when I stabbed her, I don’t remember.

“So, I can’t tell you how many times and where I did, because I was completely out of control.

“And then I know I stabbed myself, again I can’t tell how many times and exactly where.”

Bournemouth Echo: Detectives in Rosemount RoadDetectives in Rosemount Road (Image: Daily Echo)

Fioletti then told DC Blackmore he ‘thinks’ he fell on the floor and couldn’t remember how long it was until he called 999.

When he did make the call, he told the call handler, ‘I killed a person’ and said he thought he had stabbed her at least ten times.

Fioletti said in his police interview he did not recall saying how many times he had stabbed Stephanie.

He added: “When I called 999, I said that I had killed my girlfriend because I couldn’t hear breathing. I couldn’t hear any noise coming from her, and said that I stabbed myself as well as I was bleeding.

“I gave them [the call-handler] the address. I told them that I could try to reach the door if they want.

“And yeah, that’s all what happened that morning.”

The court also heard from a registered mental health nurse who spoke to the defendant ahead of his police interview.

She said: “He reports the stabbing [of himself] was impulsive and there were high levels of emotion at the time.

“He now feels grateful not to be dead and feels lucky he has another chance at life.

“He reports wanting to make something out of life.”

The trial continues.