AS CHRISTMAS lights shine across Bournemouth I went down to the market to try the food and drink stalls for myself.

Christmas Tree Wonderland and Bournemouth Christmas Market are annual favourites of residents and tourists, with more than 40 traders lining the Square.

With December just around the corner, I donned my cosiest knitwear to walk through the Christmas displays and sample some of Bournemouth’s finest festive treats.

As a personal favourite, I had to return to the Yorkshire pudding wrap stall to fill up on the turkey and veggies drowned in sauce and gravy.

Bournemouth Echo: Yorkshire pudding wraps

I opted for the roast turkey, although you can also choose between roast pork and roast beef.

Customers can choose which vegetables and sauces they fill their wrap with, but for me it was a no brainer to pack it to the brim.

Filled with mashed potato, mushy peas, carrots, green beans, stuffing and gravy, I definitely did not look elegant eating it but it left me full and happy.

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The wraps are priced at £12 each, and the local business only accepts cash so don’t forget to bring some along.

Next up, a customised hot chocolate was the most obvious festive choice.

Bournemouth Echo: Hot chocolates at The Chocolate Bar

Norris & Binglewort feature The Chocolate Bar, where customers can choose from milk, white or dairy free hot chocolate plus a flavouring of their choice.

We chose honeycomb and Biscoff to make our drinks extra indulgent, which were then topped with squirty cream, sprinkles, a candy cane, and a mini gingerbread man.

Priced at £5.50 each, they were certainly a good way to warm my hands and belly.

At this point I was almost bursting at the seams but had to try Kohler Kusse, a luxury German chocolate that coats a fluffy mallow on a wafer base.

Bournemouth Echo: Kochler Kusse

Listed at £1.50 a mallow and featuring 12 different flavours, you just cannot go wrong.

We tried the salted caramel and the strawberry and white chocolate Kohler Kusse's, and they were even more delicious than they look.

Chocolatey on the outside and fluffy in the middle, I will definitely be going back to buy myself a box.

Finally, I could not finish my festive evening without a classic mulled wine.

Bournemouth Echo: Cherry mulled wine from Alpine Lodge Bar

However, when I arrived at the Alpine Lodge Bar I found not only did they do a classic mulled wine but cherry and gingerbread flavoured ones, too.

I opted for the cherry and listened to some Christmas classics while stood under one of their outdoor heaters.

All in all, everyone was in the Christmas spirit and if you are looking to avoid the crowds, then a weekday evening was the perfect level of festivities and space to consume your treats in peace.