I HAVE some friends who will only go and see a band once as when you have seen them why go to see them again.

Well, I must have seen Jools Holland and his band ten times or more and it is an absolute delight every single time.

A party atmosphere is guaranteed with many of the audience having seen the band many more times than I have.

Jools himself is a pianist almost without peer, his ten-piece brass band are all individually at the top of their games.

Mark Flanagan on guitar and Dave Swift on double bass are no different and what more needs to be said about Gilson Lavis on drums.

Each of the band on stage had a chance to showcase that individual excellence as did both of the vocalists.

After a rousing start Jools switched to guitar for a Lead Belly and Count Basie mashup which went down a storm before long-time collaborator Louise Marshal delivered an excellent three song set was excellent with versions of Waterloo Bridge, Louise was then joined by Sumudu for an amazing duet.

One of the many things I love about these tours is the variety of guests that Jools brings along with him.

Over the years I have seen Lulu, Roland Gift, Marc Almond and tonight we had the pleasure of the company of Pauline Black and Arthur Gaps Henderson from The Selector for some ska and reggae tunes that kept the crowd on their feet and dancing in the isles.

The Whisper, the classic Too Much Pressure, and On My Radio provided my favourite moments of the show and kept the crowd dancing in the aisles. As soon as I thought that along came Ruby Turner and had me rethinking everything.

This was a night of musical excellence that would be hard to beat at any other gig I will go to in the foreseeable future.

Everyone on stage adds to a feeling of pure joy that will be remembered for many years to come.

An absolute pleasure.