FEARS are mounting about illegal parking in Bournemouth town centre could lead to chaos during the Christmas period. 

Concern has been raised over “a lack of visible patrols” in Albert Road, Bournemouth, as well as other parts such as Old Christchurch Road over the next few weeks.

David Weston, who has sent nearly 70 emails to authorities calling for change, said the lack of enforcement in Albert Road could lead to injury or death.

As well as in Albert Road, he said he has seen multiple cars parked on double yellow lines in Old Christchurch Road, Post Office Road and St Stephen’s Road. 

Bournemouth Echo: Vans blocking the roadVans blocking the road (Image: David Weston)

The admin worker who lives in Albert Road said: “There is a lack of enforcement here and it’s getting dangerous. 

“It’s worst during the middle of the summer and in the run up to Christmas because they come and park up, dash to the post office or a shop and block the access while they are shopping."

Bournemouth Echo: Lorries blocking Albert RoadLorries blocking Albert Road (Image: David Weston) 

There have even been incidents where badly parked cars have prevented firefighters accessing the Old Christchurch Road or apartments in Albert Road, according to David. 

A spokesperson for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Service said: ”Our smallest appliance needs a minimum of 3m, or the width of two cars, to pass safely. If you called for help, you would want to know we’re getting through. 

“Poor or inconsiderate parking, even if only for a few minutes, can delay us during an emergency call and in the case of a rapidly developing fire, every second counts.”

Dan Hancock, general manager at THIS Workspace, said: "Yelverton Road affects us quite badly because the amount of people who park across our shutters is immense.

"We've also had members ask to move their office because of noise coming from the road from moped riders."

Bournemouth Echo: David has seen mopeds ride on the pavementDavid has seen mopeds ride on the pavement (Image: David Weston)

Cllr Mike Cox, portfolio holder for finance, said: “Irresponsible parking can create unsafe conditions on our roads and has an impact on our communities, residents and businesses. 

“We encourage the public to be considerate when parking their vehicles and thank those that do park responsibly. 

“Our parking enforcement team patrol Albert Road and the surrounding area at least six times a day, and patrols have already been increased in line with our current resources. 

“If a resident does see a vehicle parking illegally and where parking restrictions apply, please call 01202 128900, where we will endeavour to send a patrol to the area as quickly as possible.”