NOTHING But Thieves took the BIC by the scruff of the neck on Wednesday night, November 15. 

The gig was delayed a week due to illness, but wow was it worth the wait!

Welcome to the DCC opened the set, to the approval of the crowd. The driving and disco-esque rock driving the crowd to move as one, singing along.

The opener was followed by Is Everyone Going Crazy? and Tomorrow is Closed, continuing the build-up with singer Conor Mason encouraging the crowd to sing and jump along.  

The three giant video-screen obelisks at stage left burst into life enhancing each song with simple but effective images.

Conor Mason had the audience in the palm of his hand as he encouraged them to sing not only the chorus, but the verses of songs.

“Here’s a song for you to make love to” (not his exact words) as he introduced Real Love Song, although thankfully the crowd just sang.

More songs covering most years of their career were performed with equal gusto.

Broken Machine and Sorry from 2017, right up to the current Dead Club City album, Keeping You Around, Do You Love Me Yet, and Pop the Balloon.

Guitarists Joe Langridge-Brown and Dom Craik had great chances to show off their skills, both working together and as individual soloists within the song framework.

For the final two songs we were treated to Amsterdam from 2017, and current tune, Overcome.

Both were received with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the songs tonight. 

The crowd didn’t go quietly at the end but wanted more.

Sadly the show had to end somewhere, the lights came up and very happy people streamed into the night, no doubt looking forward to next time they will see Conor and the boys.