A BOURNEMOUTH-based business telephone systems provider has announced its 12th deal in 18 months.

4Com has purchased 128 customers from Hampshire-based telecoms company, Meraki Communications Limited.

Gary Scutt, 4Com’s chief executive officer, said: “We’re pleased to be completing our twelfth acquisition, and I’d like to thank Lloyd and his team at Meraki for helping to complete this deal so quickly and smoothly.

“We’re also pleased to see our approach paying dividends; this deal was made easier by a recommendation from the owners of our previous acquisition who spoke highly of our process.

“We continue to strive to be as open and upfront as possible about what we’re looking for and what we’re able to offer, and I’m pleased that we’ve once again had a positive outcome thanks to this approach.”

Meraki Communications, which formed in 2020, will continue to trade after the deal with 4Com.

Lloyd Haimes, Meraki’s managing director, said: “We’re pleased to be bringing this deal to a conclusion, and are excited for our future as a company, thanks to the funds it will generate.

“We’ve appreciated the straightforward approach that 4Com have taken to this deal; everyone has been clear on what was happening throughout, and that’s helped to bring it to a swift conclusion. Being able to talk to contacts in the industry who spoke positively about 4Com’s acquisition process also gave me confidence that the deal would be completed successfully.

“I’d like to thank the customers we have sold for their custom and wish them the best for the future in the safe hands of 4Com.”

Dean Cartledge, 4Com’s chief operating officer, said completing 12 acquisitions had been an “incredible achievement” and one that surpassed what the firm thought might be achievable 18 months ago.

4Com said its acquisition drive has now added nearly 6,000 customers in total.

Haydn Neville, 4Com’s acquisitions manager, said: “It has been great to get to know Lloyd and his team at Meraki, and we wish them the best for the future.

“I’m looking forward to speaking to further telecoms companies about how selling a customer base, or part of it can be a quick, cost-effective way of generating funds for your business, and is an increasingly preferable alternative to finance for many companies.”