A CATHOLIC school in Boscombe has been blessed with an exciting new mural thanks to a well-known local graffiti artist.

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School in Boscombe was delighted with the memorial to mark its religious and diverse background.

The mural also includes Old Harry Rocks and an optical illusion of a polar bear at The Needles to reflect key landmarks in the local landscape.

Based in Bournemouth, Tech Moon - Krishna Malla - started off as an illustrator.

He has spent the last 13 years improving his work and travelling across the country creating large-scale masterpieces.

Headteacher, Simon Lennon, who has worked at the school for seven years, said: “The mural reflects the distinctive Christian identity of the school which proudly embraces equality, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of its mission.

“We are very proud of the detail in the artwork and the message it portrays.

“The school has had some wonderful comments from the children, parents, and the local community”.

Speaking on Tech Moon's work, Simon added: “They seemed very skilled.

“The children have loved it.

“There's lots of different parts to it, so you find that they're looking at that over different days, and each new part kind of takes them by surprise each time.

“I know a few schools that Tech Moon did a mural for, and they were really good.

“I think it just brings the learning environment and the playground environment alive."