A MAN has been accused of a 'hate crime' and bombarded with abuse in a case of mistaken identity.

Edward Jackson says he has been wrongly identified as a man caught on video during an alleged racially aggravated incident at London Waterloo Station following recent Pro-Palestine marches.

He has received a barrage of calls, emails and fake reviews for his business - JT Construction Services.

The 36-year-old has even had threats that people would come to his house to ‘sort him out’.

The father of two said he had been forced to move his family from their home in Sturminster Marshall for safety reasons.

Bournemouth Echo: Edward Jackson wants to let people know that he is not the individual in the video.

Edward found out he had been mistaken for one of a group of men on Sunday night when he was in bed.

“At around half past 10, the phone started going mad,” he said.

“I did answer the phone in the end, and I just got a load of abuse, basically, telling me I was a racist, and they are coming after me, they know where I live, they know all about me.

“That’s how it started.”

The builder turned his phone onto Airplane Mode and woke up to 31 missed calls.

He then said he received an email from someone saying they believed he had been mistaken for a man in a video filmed at Waterloo station.

He reported the abuse to Dorset Police on Monday morning, with the county force confirming officers are now investigating.

“Yesterday, the phone just didn’t stop ringing all day. I’ve had about 80 calls regarding this now,” Edward said.

“I’ve received a load of fake reviews on Google, which is damaging to the business.

“It’s just lots of threats that they’re coming to the house and all of this kind of thing.

“My wife and children, we’re trying to keep it from the children, but we had to move them out last night, for safety.”

He added: “It’s been pretty horrific, to be honest.”

Edward said the past few days had been ‘frightening and worrying for everyone involved’.

“Business-wise, all the fake reviews aren’t helping, I’m worried my customers are going to see things and we all jump to conclusions, don’t we,” he said.

“I just want everyone to know it’s nothing to do with me, I’ve had to change my website and try and get the message out that it’s nothing to do with me.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “We received a report at 8.29am on Monday 13 November 2023 of malicious communications from a man reporting he had received threatening messages over phone and email.

“Enquiries into the matter are ongoing.”

Footage of the incident at London Waterloo was posted to social media and went viral on Sunday.

Three men have since been arrested, including a 33-year-old from Christchurch.