I HAVE a few postmen/women as friends. Can you spare a thought for them this winter please?

Clean your paths of rubbish and dirt. It is easy to trip or slip, especially in the dark mornings.

If you have one of those ridiculous toe high letterboxes at least make sure it will open easily. Also make sure the dog is not waiting to bite fingers off!

Remember that they are there to deliver the post so do not moan at them if they deliver junk mail. It is their job and like everyone else who is paid to work they have to do what they are told.

If you do not want junk mail put a note on the door.

The post people also look out for you and your property on their rounds so be kind to them .

They work in all weather conditions and try and be happy regardless. Greet them with a smile and not a grunt.

Colin Beck

Virginia Close, Verwood