THERE was a familiar rumble in the sky over east Dorset this afternoon as a super-fast military jet was seen overhead. 

The Royal Air Force was spotted flying two of its Eurofighter Typhoon jets over the skies of Bournemouth and Poole at around 3pm today (November 6). 

Pilots were training for low level flying over the skies of south west England and the RAF uses different areas of England to maximise training benefits different locations bring.

An RAF spokesman said: "Two RAF Typhoons from 3 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, Lincs completed a routine training sortie including low level flying over south west England today, such training ensuring that our pilots continue to be ready for global operations."

Famed for being one of the leanest and meanest planes in the arsenal, the Typhoon has also been a regular at the Bournemouth Air Festival

It is capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 2 (or 1,500mph in groundspeed) and can climb as high as 55,000 ft (nearly two Mount Everests). 

Bournemouth Echo:

The Typhoon can also carry up to six missiles and six bombs and has been used by the British in the Falklands, Libya and more. 

Pilot Flight Lieutenant Adam ‘Paddy’ O’Hare told the Echo at 2022’s Air Festival that, despite the loud noise from the jet engines, it’s actually a lot quieter in the cockpit. 

He added it is "fast, exhilarating, intense and very sweaty” to fly.